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Giving something back

At Added Perspective, you’d expect us to be great with numbers.

And we are. You’d expect us to be great at helping clients grow and prosper. We’re great at that too; we love doing what we do and we’re very proud of the impact we have on our clients.

But we also believe that being successful is about far more than that.

That’s why at Added Perspective we are also incredibly proud to be part of a global giving network of likeminded businesses.

B1G1 Project | © World Youth International

B1G1: Business for Good

We have made a promise to leverage our success to help make our world a better place. We do that by making sure that every time you do business with us, something great happens in our world.

To understand it, just imagine how amazing it would be if…

  • Every time your VAT return gets filed, a person in Malawi benefitted from one year’s access to clean water.
  • Every time your tax return gets filed, hygiene kits were provided to young girls in Kenya
  • Every year, when your accounts are filed at Companies House, a youth development programme was made available to a young person in South Africa

B1G1 Project | © World Youth International

Together, we make great things happen

Every single time we perform a repeating statutory service for a client something good happens somewhere in the world. It brings added meaning, purpose (and indeed, impact) to what we do each day.

Every time we engage a new client, every time we perform a chargeable service, every time someone does something that we ask them to do to make our lives easier, we commit to giving back to people and places in the world where life is not easy.

Just by serving our clients, we’re making great things happen, making superb impacts and making a real difference. We’d love to be doing the same with you.

B1G1 Logo

B1G1 (Buy1Give1) are a Global Business Giving Initiative on a mission to create a world full of giving. They make it easy for purpose-driven businesses worldwide to make a positive impact by giving back in meaningful ways.

Added Perspective joined B1G1 as lifetime partners in November 2015 – joining some of the world’s leading organisations and most inspirational entrepreneurs.

Together, we make great things happen.

Together, small businesses will change the world.

Les Brown

"In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact."

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