Jane Aylwin

    At the helm….

    Jane Aylwin

    Jane is the founder and driving force behind Added Perspective. Frustrated with the lack of sensible, relevant, accountancy advice available to SMEs, Jane took the plunge and set out on her own in 2004 to provide plain spoken and dependable support to small business owners.

    Jane has always held firm that the key to the very best accountancy information is in the data (hence our mantra – instilled upon us at every opportunity!) and she has an eye for detail that is legendry, (at least in the office), along with a terrifyingly good memory that means she can basically remember every transaction that our clients have ever had.

    • Level IV Certificate in Advanced Bookkeeping and Accounts
    • Level IV Certificate in Business Taxation
    • Level IV Certificate in Drafting Financial Statements
    • Level III Diploma in Completion of Self-Assessment Tax Returns
    • Level III Diploma in Payroll Management
    • ISMM Diploma in Sales and Marketing
    • Diploma in the Art and Science of NLP

    Jane is passionate about helping businesses understand the power behind the numbers and loves getting involved in helping clients create forecasts and set, achieve and stick to, targets and budgets. The access to new technology that enables real-time collaboration has rejuvenated Jane’s enthusiasm for accountancy in an industry that, in her opinion, was in danger of going stale.

    And dogs, she really loves dogs.

    Bad bookkeeping

    The old fashioned image people have of accountants and bookkeepers, and old fashioned accountants and bookkeepers who lend themselves to that image!

    And suits, she really doesn’t like suits.

    Jane is in charge of customer relationships, new business and service development and maintains a client portfolio. Along with helping the team develop the very best service delivery.

    She’s also in charge of sticking motivational posters all over the office, we never quite know what we’re going to come in to on a Monday morning…

    • Yoga
    • Running
    • Travel
    • Adventures and adventure sports

    Kelly O’Leary

      Kelly O’Leary

      Kelly signed up in March 2013 bringing with her a limitless energy for helping and supporting other people and an attention to detail which borders just a little on the obsessive side.

      Starting out as administrative support it soon became very apparent that Kelly needed a more demanding role and she set about taking exams and furthering her qualifications.

      • Level 3 Diploma in Payroll Management
      • Level 1 Manual Bookkeeping
      • Level 1 Computerised Bookkeeping
      • ISMM Level 3 Diploma in Sales and Marketing
      • Diploma in the Art and Science of NLP

      Kelly loves that bookkeeping has now caught up with modern life! And now with cloud accounting she can help businesses make decisions based on real time information, in a format that clients completely understand.

      She loves working closely within each company that she manages, ensuring she is a big part of their team

      Kelly has to stay on top of a huge amount of changing legislation from HMRC and has the task of making sure our clients are aware of it to. Kelly never enjoys being the one to break the bad news to everyone!

      Kelly manages the payrolls and ensures clients are smoothly taken through the auto-enrolment process.

      Kelly also has a portfolio of clients that she supports on a daily basis, from bookkeeping through to management accounts.

      General office management and staff support.

      Kelly also likes to be in charge of signing us all up to ridiculous sporty challenges, so far we have been entered into Tough Mudder, the Colour Run and the Great South….

      We have drawn the line at the London Marathon.

      • Cycling
      • Running (from non-runner to marathon runner in less than a year!)
      • Swimming
      • Football
      • Training to become a junior triathlon coach to help support her sons Tri club.

      Bea Hackman

        Bea Hackman

        Bea joined Added Perspective in October 2013 as a Junior Bookkeeper, after completing the IAB Bookkeeping qualifications.

        She set out with a view to taking care of the books for her husband’s tree surgery business but soon realised that wasn’t enough and that she would like to make a career out of it.

        After a break in late 2014 to have her second child, Bea was keen to come back and get stuck in, and to learn all the new systems and processes (things had moved forward a lot in a year!). There is no better way to learn than hands on experience.

        • IAB levels 1, 2 and 3 in computerised bookkeeping

        Bea enjoys the challenges, problem solving and attention to detail that come with her bookkeeping role and continues to further her qualifications and knowledge in order to help small businesses keep on top of the day to day paperwork and provide detailed internal information. This information is crucially important to the smooth operation of company systems and the financial decision making of our clients.

        Missing statements, missing paperwork and screwed up receipts…it just isn’t necessary!

        Pineapple on pizza’s – also, completely unnecessary

        Bea plays a vital role in ensuring that we have all the relevant expense details for all our clients, chasing suppliers on their behalf and making certain that everyone is getting as much VAT back and as much corporation tax relief as is physically possible!

        Bea is also in charge of making sure that we are using our online expenses system in the most efficient way possible, constantly interrogating the system and improving processing speeds.

        • Spending time with her girls……and her husband obviously
        • Snowboarding
        • Running
        • Taking off in the family camper van

        Nadine Dixon

          Nadine Dixon

          Nadine achieved her initial ICB qualifications in 2007 when she was looking for a flexible yet challenging career that would fit around family commitments while her son was small.

          Nadine started working with Jane immediately as a newly qualified bookkeeper. Thrown in right at the deep end back then, she now approaches even the most challenging projects with a calm and organised attitude!

          • ICB Level III Certificate in Bookkeeping and Accounts
          • ICB Level III Diploma in Payroll Management

          Nadine loves working as part of the enthusiastic and supportive team at Added Perspective and helping Jane realise her ambitions for the business. 

          Having been in charge of huge and daunting stacks of paperwork for most of her bookkeeping career, Nadine is reaping the benefits of our cloud-based accountancy software applications, such as Xero and Receipt Bank; and has taken full advantage of the opportunities they offer to automate our processes and to deliver up-to-the-minute reports to our clients.

          And she really loves her lovely lovely little red Mini. (She really really does!)

          The term ‘bookkeeper’ – it doesn’t describe what we do, or want to do, for our clients in the modern business world. 

          Time to start changing the meaning and adding perspective to the word!

          Nadine manages a client portfolio and takes sets of client data (thankfully, mostly electronic these days) and ensures it is smoothly and accurately processed to produce fully reconciled accounts. 

          She helps clients make sure that we have all the information necessary to advise them to the best of our ability and ensures that each set of figures is complete and every tax saving we can identify is taken advantage of.

          • Family
          • Holidays
          • Bike-riding
          • And Nadine’s personal favourite…. Family bike-riding holidays!

          Deidre Crichton

            Deidre Crichton

            Dee’s career path has always been in financial accounting with strong emphasis on systems implementation and project management. Her bookkeeping and accounting knowledge coupled with her ability to structure, manage and drive projects to completion is fundamental to our practice thriving in a multi-system, cloud based, customer focussed environment.

            Dee moved from South Africa to Dubai and then to Munich before settling in the UK. Supporting her family, running races for charity and working in corporate environments, helping to grow small businesses and freelance consulting on the way.

            As a result, Dee’s knowledge of multi-cultural societies, working ethics and processes are extremely highly developed.

            (We secretly think she’s a globetrotting super-hero…)

            • Bachelor of Commerce degree with Accounting and Auditing majors.
            • Microsoft certified implementations specialist

            With her strong sense of structure and self-discipline, Dee loves the challenge of utilising technology to implement processes, which will allow us to best support our ever-expanding client network.

            She loves working with energetic, out of the box thinkers and is known for her wacky creative training workshops.

            Like most accountants and bookkeepers, it’s all about the detail. Don’t lose paperwork, keep data current, organised and integral and Dee is one happy bunny!

            Dee really doesn’t love road rage, bad TV and dieting!

            Dee is responsible for overall systems management and continually developing processes for our operations.

            She keeps us up to date and ahead of the game with software improvements and changes and ensures that we roll these out across our client network in the most efficient ways.

            She also manages her own portfolio of clients.

            • Art
            • Running
            • Family holidays
            • Good food and great wine

            Annabel Burch

              Annabel Burch

              Annabel moved permanently to the UK from South Africa in October 2016. A passion for business management and accounting, especially for growing businesses, fits in perfectly with the ethos at Added Perspective and she joined the team almost immediately after landing.

              Annabel’s love of accounting started at a young age and it was always a family joke that Monopoly money was all she needed to be happy in life.

              She qualified in Cape Town in 1999 as a Bookkeeper and later qualified as a Tax Technician and became a member of the South African Institute of Tax Professionals.

              We couldn’t believe our luck when Annabel turned up for the interview!

              • NQF Level 5 Bookkeeping Certification
              • NQF Level 6 National Diploma in Taxation (UNISA)
              • Registered Tax Practitioner SARS (SA)
              • Commissioner of Oaths and Registered Tax Professional with SAIT (SA)
              • Currently transferring SA tax qualifications to UK by undertaking the ATT examinations

              Growing small businesses from the ground up and helping entrepreneurs overcome their challenges and be successful in their journey brings Annabel enormous amounts of joy. Annabel loves to create beautiful data sets from which the most fabulous reports and KPI’s can be extracted with confidence and ease!

              And dogs and horses – she’s very happy to have found a job that has a dog in the office and horses in the fields!

              Outdated views and negative attitudes towards bookkeepers – as a professional bookkeeper and qualified tax adviser Annabel fully understands the relevance and value of bookkeepers in the accounting profession and makes 100% sure that she offers the very best examples of that in her work.

              And rubbish tasting chocolate. Seriously, life’s just too short!

              Annabel has joined Added Perspective as a senior level client manager and is responsible for a portfolio of clients, supporting the bookkeeping team and heading up the tax department.

              She also has taken charge of keeping the fridge clean (phew…!)

              • Crazy friends & family
              • Fast cars
              • World travel & adventures
              • Good food, good coffee and a good laugh

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