Our focus is always on the value we can add to your business and how we can help you use the data to make better decisions and grow.

While we absolutely cover all the compliance and statutory stuff that you HAVE to do like accounts and tax returns, payroll, auto enrolment and bookkeeping, we concentrate on how we can achieve those things while giving you the very best information to help you make the very best decisions about your business and make all things accountancy as pain free as possible for you.

We have designed fully flexible service packages that can be tailored to suit exactly what you need in your business right now and can develop and grow with you to ensure that you get a lifetime total accounting solution that does everything you need it to – and nothing more or less than that – forever.

Wherever possible, our services are offered at three levels, Premium, Comprehensive and Essential so you have complete control over what is included.

Here are some of our most popular services. To find out more, get in touch.

Core support services

Complete Accounting Solution

Taking away the hassle of keeping the books

Every business owner hates bookkeeping and paperwork. We take things a step further; we don’t just do the bookkeeping; we offer a cloud accounting service with access to our real-time information system. And with our advanced service we will include an annual tax planning meeting so you can be certain you are not paying any more tax than you need to.

Total Support Solution

Keeping you on track with your bookkeeping

If you already have a bookkeeper, or you are happy doing the bookkeeping yourself and just want to make sure you are on track and want to get more out of your numbers, then this service is perfect for you. And when you ask us to help you with this, we’ll carry out a complimentary initial health check on your bookkeeping.

Goals to Growth Accelerator

Bringing focus to your business plans…

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the work we forget about the goals. So what we do, is we project ahead across three years so you can have your goals clearly in your mind, every day. We also take things a step further; we help you measure your performance against your targets on a regular basis. And in our advanced and practical packages we’ll hold a full annual review of performance and help you set new goals for the year ahead.

Start up! Business support programme

Getting you off to the best start in your business

Business failure is too common in the UK. The pain is severe and can lead to far reaching personal and financial problems. And yet, it has also been found time and time again that businesses that plan and seek professional advice from the outset have a significantly greater chance of being very successful. Start Up! is designed to help your business overcome the hurdles that trip up most new businesses, and to help it become highly successful. And you will receive our complimentary Start Up! Pack full of useful information, tips and tools to help you get things right and keep them right.

Crucial stand-alone services

24/7 access real-time accounting system

Future-proofing your bookkeeping platform

Cloud accounts software, digital tax accounts and the future of accountancy go hand in hand. A cloud accounting and bookkeeping system will make your life so much easier and will make sure that you’re prepared when the time comes to ‘go digital’. Our set up service will make the transition painless for you, and with our practical and advanced packages we will cover the cost of your subscription.

Accounts record clean up and business review

Putting your mind at ease

All businesses have to keep orderly records and must submit accurate accounting information to the relevant authorities, but sometimes things don’t go as planned. We know exactly what you should have and what you should keep and we are experts in preparing accounts data. We can get you back on track. One of the things our clients love about our advanced and practical packages is that we will review your current system for suitability and provide written recommendations on how you can improve it. Making it easy to stay on track in future.

Add-on services

Self-assessment Tax Completion Service

Tax needn’t be taxing, despite HMRC’s best efforts

Rather than spending hours figuring out which pages to complete, what to put in the boxes, how to calculate any tax due and meeting the filing deadlines, our Tax Completion service takes that hassle away. Don’t waste time or worry about getting things wrong, we’ll do it all for you.

Registered Office Service

Your hassle-free business address

Every UK limited company must have a registered office address. It must be a physical location in the UK at which official documents can be served. Although your registered office can be the address you trade from, many business owners choose to use our address – this ensures that we get the right statutory reminders at the right time and, if you trade from home, it means your address is kept off the public record. We can also give up to 100% discounts on work to ensure you comply with the ever-changing legislation – for example, we will complete your PSC Register for no additional fees.

Statutory accounts and business tax returns

An outdated but necessary evil?

Well, that’s our view. Let’s face it, for many businesses accounts are produced typically 9 months after the year-end and are so out of date by then they are useless for decision-making. For us it’s all about real-time, useful management information. However, all limited companies have to produce fully compliant year-end accounts by law and we will help you do that. We only offer statutory accounts and corporation tax services for clients we do the bookkeeping for. We offer a choice of solutions depending on your business needs.


Taking away the stress of paying your staff

Payroll has changed… it has become a big headache. HMRC introduced the new RTI reporting requirements for employers in 2013 and of course all companies must now comply with Auto-Enrolment legislation. You are now required to report on or before every single payday, instead of once a year and make appropriate deductions for pensions, send out the right correspondence and report the deductions to the pension provider. And the fines for non-compliance on both counts can be really high. We can take away this hassle and ensure you avoid penalties.


Making it easy to stick to the new rules

Auto-enrolment is one of the most onerous challenges to face businesses in recent years and the financial penalties for breach can be severe. Our Auto Enrolment solution for small businesses will take the stress out of this new legal obligation.



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